Nokia 1100 : First phone in the family

Nokia 1100 : First phone in the family

When we had our first phone, I remember how exciting moment it was. The phone we had was Nokia 1100 ( double one, double zero).

I was in school, I didn’t even know that papa bought new phone. When I came back from school, he gave me 1 rupee and asked to give a call on his new phone number.

Coin boxes were famous back then. You put a coin, dial a number and it would let you talk for a minute. I did not know whats going on but I knew somethings wrong.

I was good at guessing. On my way, I started guessing why would papa ask me to dial this number!!! He never asked me to do so. Whose number is this? Why does he want me to dial it? I was overflowing with questions.

Alas, I dialled number and someone talked to me. I didn’t even know what to talk. I just dialled. The other person I talked with, he sounded just like my papa. I got confused as to what’s going on ?

I still had no clue that we could buy new phone. I came back and asked papa that someone just like him talked with me. Hahahha !!!

He showed me the phone and I went straight on cloud9. You won’t imagine how happy I was to see a real phone for the first time. I was afraid of touching it’s buttons because I did not know a thing about it.

Wooowww !!! I can still feel that moment. I started exploring it carefully. Touching one button at a time, trying to understand what each of the menu means and what is it meant for etc.

Very next day, while exploring it, I somehow changed its language to spanish. Every other menu turned into Spanish language. I thought I broke our phone. Hahaha. Finding where it got changed from was another thing, it took us hours to understand that its language has changed. Hahaha !!!

Papa took it to one of his friend, he had same phone. So we compared both and finally changed language back to English. Huh !

My favorite feature in that phone was its ability to generate custom ringtones. It had a utility where each key you press would sound differently, it sounded differently for multiple key presses too.. kind of like the messages on keypad phones.

So you try different such key combinations and generate your own ringtone for it. I remember, I had my own diary in which I would note down key combinations that created specific musical notes, so I could use it for my own custom ringtones.

Once I knew it all, I was so acquainted with it that I could tell what’s on it’s screen without looking at it…. just by listening to key press sounds.

We used that phone for 10 years. Woow !!! No doubt it was one of the iconic phones from Nokia.

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