Not so cool – my 10th

Not all stories are cool. One the stories that I can remember very firmly is when I was in 10th standard.

I was having my final 10th exam. Usually the exam center is not the one where you study, So I was in another school and unfortunately that exam center was compromised … I mean it was copy center.

As most of the other students in there were my classmates only, we all knew each other which was good thing.

It was English’s paper I remember, I was little better at speaking English (they thought so) so when the paper started, teacher went out for a while(purposefully) and almost everyone in the room circled around me and started copying my sheet.

I never bothered that or even cared about that so I kept writing my paper.. my neighbor had my supplement… and they all were copying …

Suddenly teach came in shouting loud saying, ‘everyone get back to the seats, the examiner’s are coming for checking’ ..😬

and that disturbed everything… everyone rushed and got back to their seats.

And during that, one of the stupid’s took my pen and my main paper with him.

My supplements were already to someone. I did not even know…

and now !! Examiner’s were about to come, I had no paper, no pen and no supplements. I just had my question paper. 😬

I got pissed but I controlled because I had to keep calm otherwise there were very high chances that I would have got caught. They would have rusticated me on the spot.

It was the first time such thing was ever happening to me so I was vibrating from hair to toe… 😬

And if that was not enough, at the very last moment, I saw that my main paper was to a student who was sitting first at the entrance. I guessed it by my handwriting but could not say anything because examiner’s were there at the door.

Examiner came in .. he walked by the lane behind me and in my lane .. I just showed as if I’ve doubt about one of the questions and got off of my seat and went to the teacher… so that the examiner won’t question about my main paper not being there on my bench.

Surprisingly.. that worked. The examiner looked at everything and went off ..

The moment he went out. All my anger came out. I was super angry about the system. I went straight to the teacher… teacher already knew the matter so I said, ‘I want my paper, pen and supplement back and I don’t want to sit here in this class …I would prefer sitting out instead’.

I grabbed my paper from that student and went out… I mean it wasn’t students, it was teacher who was more responsible for all this …

I went out and sat in the corridor for a while hahaha ..

After a while, teacher came out and asked me to sit in .. I was very pissed to be honest, so I denied at first but then after all he was a teacher so I respected him and went in …

I can still recall how angry and afraid I was at the same time.. because it was about wasting my whole year because of those stupids…

I came home back and literally went to sleep .. hahahaha ..

crazy !!!!