One thing childhood

Getting angry is not my ball game … It’s little harder to make me angry and it has been like this since childhood.

There was one thing in my childhood that used to drive me angry. And the thing was ….




Tapping on my head. I used to be so strict about not touching my head that I could punch someone for touching my head .. I mean I’m talking about times when I was in 1st or 2nd standard ..

and the last time I remember getting angry for the same reason was when I was in 10th.

I don’t know what the problem was with touching my head but it was simply very annoying for me..

My mom used to apply oil and comb my hair and comb real flat…and then I would go to school.

I also don’t know why but I absolutely hated seeing or having the water bottle with straw…Till date I don’t know why but there was this fear of going to school tied to that bottle.

Hahha .. I rewind myself through these times of my initial childhood days at school and keep smiling. I mean going to teacher’s hall and having key of their cupboard to you used to be such a privilege.

I remember, one of our teachers had handed over key to her cupboard to me and I was asked to keep a new chalk everyday before her lecture… and everyone used to look at me like ‘Wooowww!!!! you have a key of mam’s cupboard!’

I was child back then but throughout my life, I’ve always been fan of getting such respect from people. I never liked getting for free..I always liked earning it… and at the same time, I’ve been making sure that I respect everyone ..

I’ve been making sure that I listen to people first even before thinking of my answer.

I also liked playing with my police car a lot. I must have said this before but that was one of my toys in childhood that I hardly shared with anybody…

Hahah ..


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