Our childhood properties

I was at RTO office for my driving test today. There were others who also had come for license renewal, Tractor passing etc.

I got to meet one of my oldest friends there. We were together since we learnt to walk. We used to be neighbours back then and then he moved to other place etc ..

We talked, talked and talked … we flew everywhere with our childhood memories as to how naughty we were and how funny were those days…

I liked playing with sand more than playing with water.. so he and me, we both used to be on the sand while others used to be playing somewhere in the water…We used to make houses, roads, highways and what not …

What’s more interesting there wasn’t the houses and the roads but our conversations.

He would always say how he has his own secret cement factory out of the town and he visits there occasionally and how he also has another one of his employee handling his another motor ( not the car, the DC motor) company.

And I would always talk about how I have whole restaurant built underground at secret location that I always visit now and then to have my dinner… and that no one except me have access to it.

I used to say there are special kind of flowers and orchids that get such delicious dishes to me .. those trees do not have flowers but such delicious dishes..

You won’t believe, we used to believe it in real. I used to say this as If I really get to be there and so as he.

We had lots n lots of such stories that always felt true and we both never questioned over each others stories. We always believed that those stories were true and that we actually had all those factories and underground special worlds ..

I remember, we even used to play with sand and would keep listening to each others. Hahahha…

Crazy childhood …


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