Our radio and my favorite song

Me and my mom, we were sitting in the hall and my mom talked to me about how difficult it was to calm me down in my childhood.

Once I started crying, it was almost impossible to shut me down, I would either get bored of crying and stop by myself or one had to give whatever I cried for.

There was one more way to calm me down .. my mom said.

Somehow even before I was an year old, I used to stop crying as soon as I hear a radio music.

We did not have TV back then, we just had a radio so my mom used to take me up and turn ON the radio and I would immediately stop crying ..

She said, it was equally true for my brother too. When I was child, I used to sing some song that no one ever understood, my mom tried a lot to know which song was it …but she couldn’t.

One day the the same song played on radio and I started singing it too and then mom understood that it was this song .. Hahahahaha…

The song was .. “Pyar me dil pe maar de goli le le meri jaaaan πŸ˜†”

I had just started talking and I used to sing it every now and then while playing. My mom says, I soon as I heard some song playing, I would start dancing in her lap. Hahahhahaha

Sometimes I don’t believe my back then and me today… Life changes so significantly.

Hahaha … crazy days !!!