Pack of four

In my childhood, I used to be smiling always. Like I was student whom no one has seen crying.

Simple things would make me smile and keep me happy. I remember, my father would bring home treats for us.

He would want it to be a surprise for us so he used to keep the ice-cream in his empty tiffin and bring it home, as if he hasn’t brought anything.

Our lunch used to be together, so we would wait for him and have our lunch once he is back.

So some times, he would open his tiffin at the end of our meal and present us with Ice cream family pack. Those days, it used to be separate pack of four.

That pack of ice cream was enough for us to enjoy things. We did not need much. I would literally dance while eating that ice-cream. Hahaha. As far as I remember, I was in my 2nd or 3rd standard.

Anything he would bring, used to be two copies. One for me and one for my brother. Taking time to get our sketch pens and having our own secret markers on them to identify mine versus his, was a different level of an unexplainable joy …


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