Reindeer on our ceiling …

I don’t know why but I could hardly sleep at night before 11 PM. Me and my brother, we both would sleep in the hall on our own chosen bed. I always liked greyish blanket while my brother had yellowish.

As soon as my brother lie on bed, he would go to sleep in next 1/2 minutes and I would be lying there besides him, looking here and there.

Since it used to be super silent, my parents would already be sleeping and my brother too so I had no choice but to sleep, but I couldn’t.

So what I would do is, I would take a chair and sleep on it because I always liked those naps we take on chair, I always enjoyed those, else when we were inside “Machardani”, I would keep counting a number of holes on it, or I would natter something, kind of like talking to myself.

One of my favorite habits while sleeping was to look for designs on our ceiling plaster. We didn’t had color on our ceiling. It was just a plastered base with those brush lines completely visible. So I would look at it, sing any random lyrics and would try to find out the designs on it..

Oh, there’s a rabbit, there’s a reindeer, there’s the horse … I would keep doing this until I fell a sleep.

As I grew, I liked to wear my pair of headsets, listen to some Natgeo documentary and complete my writing stuff at school at night, that did not need much of an attention, it was just writing so I could easily keep writing and listening to the documentary at the same time.

Awesommmeee !! Sometime I just keep smiling to myself as to how my childhood was, it was completely purposeless… I never had second though of who I wanna be, what’s happening around … I just lived it the way it went on, I just accepted whatever came ahead and went on with it !!!

Crazy days …


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