Riding Avenger

I remember how naughty I used to be at times during my childhood. I don’t remember much of them but I was very naughty during my childhood.

I remember how I learnt to ride bicycle. I hardly was of 3ft in height when I started learning to ride my papa’s cycle. I was in 2nd standard.

Every other day my father would come back from his duty, I used to keep waiting for him and the moment I see, I would run to get his cycle.

I would then take it to a slope nearby. I did not even know how to balance but I would still sit in the middle, let the cycle roll and would get my foot up..

The cycle would then take me as long as it could and those 10-20 seconds is what I used to enjoy and then I would fall down, hahahaha .. because I did not know how to balance it.

Even though I knew I was gonna fall every now and then, those 10-20 seconds I would get were the ones for which I would accept felling.

As days passed by, I slowly started balancing it and thereby learnt to ride ..

Mind that the cycle’s height was no less than 5 ft and I hardly was 2 ft in height. Riding the cycle was like riding Avenger bike.

Woow, I still remember that joy of riding the cycle. I used to play it for hours even though I could hardly balance it and knew, would fall.

My father used to be at home every alternating day so I would study for a day and used to play with cycle almost for the whole day the next day …





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