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Sitting with God …

One of the things I was obsessed with in my childhood was to meet God. Those days, I had seen Ramayana, Mahabharat where they always showed a guru sitting in meditation pose and he would then invite God to sit with him, to meet him.

I always though of doing the same so that I could meet God. But I was mature enough to know that it would be stupid to sit in that pose at home, so at night when everyone slept, I would get up, sit at the attention, would close my eyes and used to wait for God to come.

Of course he never did but I was optimistic, I thought I would have to sit for more time, not just a night. So in my vacations, I used to go up on the terrace, used to tell me parents not to disturb me or ask for lunch, dinner or anything for that matter and used to sit there for hours, thinking that one day, I would meet God.

Of course I couldn’t hold long without my meal so I used to ask God to wait for just few minutes, used to have my lunch and sit back …with the hope that one day, God would come and sit just besides me.

I did not want to pray for anything specific or wanted anything from him but just wanted him to sit besides me, so that I can see how he looks like and would have few words with him …

Crazy days …

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