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Sleeping in/on the chair

I’m sure you would have experienced sleeping on chair right? Those slight little naps…Wooowww!!! I always liked to sleep that way on chair, so much that many times, when I felt sleepy, chair was my way to take a perfect nap.

I absolutely like the way it makes you sleep. Like you sleep a bit and then you loose control on your neck and it starts falling down, and you get woken up by that, and then you try to keep your eyes open, but you can’t control and then you auto-sleep again and you get woken up again … Wooow!!!

As awesome that sleep is, it has one big trouble that we as a child don’t understand much. When you sleep that way, we are humans, our neck and whole body for that matter, looses control when we sleep but your chair still balances it up and keeps your neck straight, because of which you feel lot of real pain in your neck after you get up…

For me that was okay but for my parents, it wasn’t so they usually would ask me to sleep properly on sofa but I always wanted to sleep there on chair 😄.

Don’t judge me, but what I used to do then was to sleep on sofa/bed for a while and when everyone slept, I would pull up my chair and sleep on it for a while, enjoying the joy of sleeping !!!

It wasn’t being disrespectful parse but it was more an attempt to keep everyone happy, at the same time listening to myself too…

Till date, sometimes I enjoy sleeping on the chair. But now that I do understand the consequences, I prefer not sleeping more on it …

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