Sorat, milk packet and me

I remember when I was small , I mean when I was in first or second standard, I was crying because I wanted to go to the shop to buy milk packet and I did not want anyone to come with me, I wanted to go alone and come back.

Hahaha…Papa finally agreed, I put on my tiny shoes and I started. Hahah, I don’t really remember, but I can see that everyone was looking at me when this tiny little baby was going to the shop with big carry bag and bit of money in other hand.

And then one of father’s friend was going by, he was on his bike and was heading me.. Obviously I didn’t recognize him and tried to avoid his bike but he kept on driving it to me and I got confused. I stopped at the place and changed my direction … he did .. again I changed my direction, he changed too…Hahahah

The moment he blew the horn, I got so frightened that I fell down and started crying….He picked me up but I denied going home with him because I still wanted to go to the shop 🤣. I went there crying and asked shopkeeper for milk packet and I came back …. crying 😅

I was small enough not to be able to tell what happened on the way but I kept crying 😅

Hahahaha !!! You know, in my childhood days, I always liked to go to shops. I would take every chance to go to the shop no matter if its my mom who wanted something or my grandmother or our neighbours..I always used be ready to take that opportunity…

It wasn’t the chocolate I would get for doing that job or those lemon golis that that shopkeeper gave.. It was just about getting to go to the shop, with a bag on my shoulder and that awesomeness of remembering things and calculating the total bill and counting back if the shopkeeper gave me right amount of change … Wooow !!! I always enjoyed it.

I remember, in childhood, we had something called ‘sorat’. It kind of lottery for children. You buy a scratch card for 25 paise or 50 paise, you scratch it in front of shopkeeper and if you are lucky enough to get some number on it, you would get whatever that number represents on his chart, kind of a small treat..

Somehow my mom never liked ‘sorat’, but I always wanted to try my luck ..on the other hand, I did not do anything without asking my mom so I would not keep it from my mom but I would try my best to ask her to let me try it once.

hahaha .. I don’t know why but as awesome those days were, If I get once change to go back to those days, for some reason I won’t choose to take that chance. I ‘m not sure why but that’s what it is !!!

Anyways, you enjoy your day, Have a nice day ahead 🐤.


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