Story of my first unofficial phone

I got my first official phone when I was in the first year of Bachelor’s degree but I had one given to me by my aunty. She had got it with one of her landline connections so she had given it to me.

It was very simple phone, a black and white phone with keypad and most importantly I had finally a phone .. I always had dreamed of having one.

First few days using it were awesome. I was keen to knowing every other setting and feature… and then later it just used to be in my pocket.

I would use it to notify at home just in case I needed to. It used to be there in the pocket of my bag…

One day, I think we bunked college and we were running out to look for a way to get out ..because the only time we used to have to bunk lecture was the recess time.. so getting out with your bag at that time used to be a risky move as teachers and others used to be out in the same time ( of course it was recess – it was meant for that) ..

So the idea was that one of us , who is not going to bunk used to go out and we would drop our bags through class window down to him, he would keep them collected and then we would leave the class without bags and get those ..and bunk.

That day, we did the same and I forgot, my phone was in the bag’s pocket so the moment he caught the bag, he broke a corner of my phone.

and if that’s not enough, I later wanted to glue it together. I though fevi-quick would help… The moment I applied it, it ran through and went flowing through all the circuitry inside and reacted to it .. it damaged every other component it touched.

And that was the end of my first unofficial phone. 😊

I remember how I used to tell my mom every now and then that I would buy as much phones as I want when I would start earning…

I’m happy, by now, I got to use many phones by now. I did not just used them, I learnt a lot with them .. in fact my phones have lot of share into who I am today.

I still am restricted to having just one of many but I’m okay with that ..I think that’s going to change eventually as I progress ahead… 😊

Let’s see …