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Breaking out in a cold sweat

During my masters, I remember how we used to spend night in the corridor of departments because we only had internet in our department and using it in a day wasn’t enough. We hardly had […]

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Lab practicals fun

We had super crazy group of friends in 12th. We were around 10-15 friends and we had one thing in common. We all were super naughty. I remember, our chemistry practicals was one of the […]

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My vacation to ISRAEL

I remember I was sitting in my class, I was in 2nd standard I guess. It was painting class. Everyone was drawing something. So as me. I think I had drawn “a wooden drawer”. I […]

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Meethi Boliyaan

You know, one of the principles I have is to be aware of my time. I always do what I like and I can spend as much time as I want with the things I […]

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Naughty me

We were having dinner, I sat down and I got bumped onto a stool nearby. It didn’t hurt me much but I recalled how naughty I was in my childhood. I remember, when I had […]

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Hostel Diaries

When I was in hostel, during my masters, I remember how much fun we used to have in the room. Anything could make us laugh. I remember, we didn’t have much cellular bandwidth in out […]

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That beautiful butterfly

I remember how I used to keep looking for butterflies in our garden for hours. I was always fascinated by their colors and wanted to have one. One of my favorite things to play with […]

College dress code

I remember, during my college days, our college dress code was a pink shirt and navy blue pant. I used to be super upset to wear that dress. First of all, I never liked Shirt […]