That big devil in front of my face

That big devil in front of my face

I remember how I used to be afraid of my mom’s hair. What my and my brother would do is , we would keep an eye on when she combed her hair and we would later look for her lost hair on the comb.

My brother used to get those hair and he would run after me…showing me those hair. I used to be afraid of those and I would start running .. I always thought those those hairs are nothing but a mouse or may be some insect because I had seen those hair running on the floor with air.

They always looked like a mouse or some cockroach to me , so I used to be afraid of those like anything.

In my childhood, I was also very afraid of bike horn… It was so because I remember when I was 2-3 years old ( I still remember !!! Wow), I remember, I was playing on a sand alone and a tractor came. The driver intentionally parked it just in front of me.

I was too small to look up at the tractor and when I did, I still clearly remember that huge tractor in front of my face .. just like devil. Those big grills of the tractor printed that fear in my mind.

As I understand these things better now, I like to still go and stand in front of the truck and feel those giant grills of the truck in front of my face. Woow ! That clearly replicates the fear, feelings I had when I was 2 years old.

Hahha, I remember when I was in 4rd standard, one of my friend got shocked when he mistakenly walked over a live wire. Like I know how it feels like to be shocked but funny thing was that while he walked over the live wire, he was looking up showing something to his father ( I think it was a bird sitting on the street light).

The moment he got shocked, he did not understand that he was shocked because of running over wire, je thought he got shocked because he looked at a street light pole and it’s wires. Hahahaha.

The next day he came back to school and told us the story. He asked us not to look at those street lights because he said, ‘if you look at them, they would pull you and shock you hard’.

Hahahaha . for next week or so ( till we forgot) we kept looking down while going down the road because we did not want to be shocked by those poles. Hahahhaha

Hahaha .. if this is not enough, I believed this till my highschool days that “Maruti Omni” is made for thieves because its easier for them to slide the door and kidnap people. Because back then, wherever I saw that car, it was always used for kidnapping only.

Hahaha .. innocent me !!! 😆

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