That brave day 😆

Hahahha .. just don’t judege me with this. I was too childish to understand this all.

My aunty is a beautician. She knows and she does lot of beautification stuff.

When me and my brother, we were small, my mom used to used to have this threading, cutting and all that stuff from my aunty.

The other day, I saw my aunty holding something in a dish, she had a strip too…It basically was a homemeade waxing strip.

I saw her doing the waxing and I thought I’ll try that too .. but I did not want to let them know that I was doing. So I stole a spoon of the sugar water and went in our spare room.

I sat on the stool and I imagined how my aunty did.. I dip the strip in sugar water which by the time I dipped, had gone cold… and was stickier than it was when my aunty did …😆

I applied the strip on my hand and pulled it abruptly. I swear to god .. I experienced the worst pain of my life.😆.

I can’t even explain what I was feeling.😆 I’m sure I would be looking like the one in the pic of this story hahhaha.

and I had no choice but to shut my mouth up … I couldn’t really express it too because then I would have got caught. 😆

I just swallowed all the pain and literally threw the strip, came out and sat on our couch… showing as if nothing happened. I didn’t even want to look at the strip. Hahahahha …

I had enough of experience.