The bundi prasad

I was just reading through and I came across this beautiful story. I was reading through this and I remembered how I never went to temple. I mean it wasn’t that I did not like going to temple..I just did not go much often ..I don’t know why !!!

Anyways, I would just like to share the story I read here …

The story is about the time when i was around 8–9 years old, being raised by mother as my father was working in himachal. So my mother had taken it as an added responsibility to teach us all the values of good human being under a very strict environment. Also, we were not given any pocket money at that time and whatever we need we have ask for that from mother. If it is not related to studies, in all probability it is sure that request is going to be denied. So the story goes like this……

In our town, there is a Mahavira ( lord hanuman) temple by the side of a small rivulet. As Tuesday is considered to be day of Mahavira so lots of people from town visit that temple and offer Bundi prasad. Believe me, it tasted so good. So i also started visiting and offering prasad on tuesdays. So far so good.

During the course of offering i developed weakness for that bundi prasad. What to do….

After lots of thinking i came to the conclusion that i can relish the prasad i buy for offering based on following facts

  1. So many people are offering prasad to god and if i do not offer, it will not make any difference to him and god will never come to know
  2. Otherwise also, i distribute the almost all the prasad among the poor people sitting outside temple and i am no rich. So, i can eat whole prasad of my own without deviating this condition.

I started doing this and take a small amount of the same to home and tell every time to mom..”mummy ji prasad le lo”

Things kept on moving. My lust for prasad also increased. What to do now??

Then again a thought struck my mind…..Not much people know me in this town. So i can sit in the line of beggars to have some extra. (I forgot that my mom is a teacher in reputed school of the town.)

I started sitting in the line and asking everyone,” uncle ji prasad de do…aunty ji prasad de do.”

This arrangement once started…yielded results and my taste buds getting satisfied.

Then one fine Tuesday…was sitting in the line of beggars…i saw my mom coming along with my neighbor aunties….

I tried to hide my face in my arms….and the moment they were crossing me…one of my aunties asked my mom…” Bhen Ji eh ta apna Sandeep Laggda…” ( Sister i think that is sandeep)

Mom without looking at me…” Na na bhenji, tuhanu aiwe hi veham hoyea hona, Sandeep ethe kiwe aaju” ( No sister, you may be mistaken. Sandeep can’t be here).

I had a great sigh of relief and thanked mahavira for saving me. Immediately got up from that line by promising mahavira that i will offer prasad religiously.

But lord mahavira has other plans for teaching a lesson to me.

The moment i reached home after roaming around the town, mom open the gate of house and as soon as i said,” mummy ji prasad le lo”…Tadaak………Punjab ka naksha meri gaal pe tha….and mom said…aaja main dinni aa tainu prasad…

That day i got beating of my life. I remember that beating till date. But that incident has two positive outcomes.

  1. I learnt the lesson of honesty though in a hard way.
  2. Me and my brother started getting the pocket money then onward.

Even today people laugh a lot when i narrate this incident to them.