The folded wish

The folded wish

There’s a little house surrounded by huge garden. In the house there lives a grandmother and her two tiny little granddaughters.

They all are sitting around a table on which one of her granddaughters is folding a swan, in fact both of them are folding their own swans.

They are so happy folding those with a paper, they show it to their grandmother and there’s this cute smile on their faces…

They both show their swans to each other and they clap for themselves. They then tie a knot to its tail and hang those swans along with the other ones…. hanged to the ceiling .. just above their bed so that they can look at those swans while sleeping…

While they’re hanging those, one of them coughs a lot. They then ran into the garden.. just one of them plays, the other one just looks at her and enjoys that.

Finally when they go to sleep, they see those swans just in front of their eyes, hanging from the ceiling, glowing in the light of the moon …

In the middle of the night, one of them gets up and sees that the other one is already woken up and is sitting near the window.. folding yet another swan !!

The other one also gets up and sits besides her, both smiling , showing each other the swans they folded and then they sleep back ..

That night, it rains heavily and the sister that coughs a lot, she goes ill. The other one is too little to know what’s going on.

While their grandmother gives her some soup, the other one of the sisters quickly gets up thinking that seeing her folding their swan would make her feel good. She quickly grabs a paper, runs to her and starts folding one with her.

She wants to do it fast so that her sister would get recovered quickly. She quickly folds the swan layer by layer and the moment it’s a last fold and she stretches that swan a little bit so as to make its belly little bigger, the swan breaks into two…she stretches little more in hurry ..

She looks at her sister and she already can’t see her moving. She’s no more.

She takes off all their hung swans and puts them in to the wooden box, she looks at all their swans and starts crying .. her tears start falling into the box as the more she looked at how many swans they made …

Their grandmother never understood why did they make so many swans but her sister knew … It was their folded wish to make those swans fly.

They both always wished that the swans they made would fly one day… So everytime they made one, tried to throw it in the air and every time they both really wished it would fly…

Although none of them did fly, they always thought their next one will definitely fly so they would keep folding one with the same enthusiasm and happiness with the same beautiful smile on their faces. ..

She took one in her hand .. the one that her sister had made, she looked at it, closed her eyes and really wished her last swan would fly and their folded wish would get completed .. she wished and threw it in the air and wohhhaaaaaaaaa !!!!

Magically that swan really flied and wooww, she got up and ran to her lying sister, shooking her over and over again to see that their swan is flying ..

To everyone’s surprise, the origami swan flew over her and her hair blew with the air … slowly her eyes opened .. Yayyyyyyy !!! her sister was back again ..

SHe quickly stood up and they both hugged and looked at their swan ….They both were so happy to see their folded wish coming true … Wohoooooo !!!!

Quickly one of them went in, brought back their wooden box and released all the swans in the air .. they all few this time …Woooowwwww !!!!

The camera flows up with the swans, focusing on both tiny sisters looking at each other, hugging and jumping up and down that their swans are flying …

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