The joy of playing

I absolutely love animals. Especially dogs and cats. During my holidays after school, I had gone to my uncles house, out native place call Kalwan.

When I went there, we had a puppy there. We named it ‘Khandya’ ๐Ÿ˜„. It was cute, little, furry puppy. Most of my day used to go with it. Since it was too small, I thought of teaching it few things… to be very frank ! I could not train it.

But we both learnt to play with each other, learn to enjoy our companies. We had our own understandings between us. E.g. the moment I start running, it will run after me..

It would run so fast that it felt like if I get caught, it will kill me instantly and I would run faster enough not be get caught by it… but alas, it would trick me to run in the wrong direction and would catch me.

The definition of ‘getting caught’ for us was that it would come close enough to touch my leg. The moment it passed, it would stop and start running back… as if it meant that I caught you now you catch me.

I would get that and I used to run after it to catch. We would play this game for hours and then we would want some rest. It was easy for me to convey, for my doggy, it would run to me and would jump on me so that I would catch it.

hahaha..I remember, we had a calf too. I was very young. I think I was in my 4th or 5th standard. I asked my uncle to hand me the calf so that I can take it to drink some water.

I took the rope and that calf and me we both went to drink the water. I mean it drank, I did not. ๐Ÿ˜„

I did not know that calf’s are very naughty… I don’t know if it was intentional, but on our way back, it started jumping, pulling me in random directions. As if it was excited as me. I took it funny at first. I let it pull me, I let it jump and I genuinely enjoyed being with it…

Hahahaha and it started hitting me. It wasn’t hard, just a conscious little hit with its head to make me fall down. At first I thought it was by mistake, but then the moment I got up, it hit me again.. and I got up and it hit me again .. Hahahaha !!!

I was just a child, I got scared and started crying…It was hitting me, I would get up and start walking and it would hit again .. I would fall down, would get up again and start walking hahahahaha !!! That calf must be enjoying this all hard !!!

I still did not leave its rope. We came home like that only. Hahahaha my uncle saw it and everyone started laughing …

I’m not gonna take this calf to drink again, and left the rope. I would take the other one, I said.

and the very next day, I had the same calf with its rope in my hand, but this time, I had a protection. I had our puppy with me…


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