The kiss

The kiss

I don’t know why am I writing this at such an odd timing on such an odd topic. But that’s who I am. Just got up from nowhere, opened my laptop and started writing.

‘I’m getting little late to the office’, he said.. Hung his coat on his shoulders and jumped out of the house. As he drove away, they both came down running down the stairs two at a time…

‘Wait..wait…wait’, she said but he had already left off.

‘He drove without giving me a morning kiss’, little princess said looking at her mom. She did not understand but her mom wasn’t that happy either because she didn’t get one too…

Her mother called him , ‘You left us without giving a kiss’, she said.

Oouuu, ‘I’m really sorry’, he said. She could feel regret in his voice.

Little princess grabbed phone from her mother, ‘It’s okay !’, she said and snapped the phone back.

Somehow they both gulped down their breakfast as they got read for their chores. Little princes wore her shoes and picked up her school bag..

‘Are you done mom? you’re going to drop me by school?’, asked little princess with her face full of sadness..

‘Yesssss, momma is going to drop you by school, can you pass me those keys? ‘, momma picked little princes, locked the house.

As they were gliding down the stairs again, a car came to stop by the house, hitting breaks as hard as it can..

He got out of the car and little princess ran to him…’pappaaaaaaa !!!!’

Her moms face glowed like a christmas tree. It was like he had all the powers to wash saw their sadness in seconds.

‘I’m sorrrrrry, I really was in a hurry, so I forgot’, he said. He picked princess up, hugged her mom and kissed both …Her jaw ached from smiling.

‘How did my papa come back?’, little princess looked at her mother surprised ..

He answered, ‘because papa knew that 15 years later, no one would remember that I was late to the office but my little princess and her mom would never forget that her father drove all the way back home just to kiss little princess and big princess ‘ 😍

As they approached his car, he kept the door open for her, she sat besides him.

‘Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go captain’, said little princess pushing his shoulder from the back.

In matter of seconds, he dropped princess in the school and her mom in the office…

‘Take me somewhere I have never been captain’ …

‘Of course mam …you mean back to home in the evening? ‘, he smiled and kissed on her palm…

‘Any other ride with you, either on this jeep or in life, is a completely unknown space/place captain’, she said ..

her face was still glowing with a smile on her face…😍

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