The lucky Mynas

One of the incidents recently made me think of one of my definitions of luck in my childhood…

My website went down for some reason and I remembered that I saw three mynas today. 😆

When I was in 6th I think, one of my friends Sunil, he taught me a thing that if you see even number of ‘myna’ ( one of the indian birds), you should kiss your index finger and middle finger double the number of times.

He said doing so is lucky and it brings some luck to the rest of your day. On the other hand if you see odd number of them, you should look for one more so that the number becomes even and if you can’t find one, it’s an indication that something wrong is going to happen in a day.

Hahaha, look how optimistic I was , I always believed this thing when I saw even number of mynas and kissed my fingers believing that my day is going to be awesome and every time I saw odd number of them, I told myself not be believe such traditions and made myself believe that it’s all fake. Hahaha.

I don’t kiss my fingers anymore as I’m now grown up and believe that there’s nothing like that but till I like to see even number of those mynas and I don’t believe it when I see them odd.

Back then I used to keep standing at the place looking for one more myna so that I can make my day better ..Hahahaha.

And if that wasn’t enough, we kept adding our own rule int it. Rules like ‘ you just get couple of minutes of window to kiss you fingers and then then luck goes away’ or if you look up in the sky and thank god for showing you couple of mynas, its effect doubles’ ..hahahaha we even said that if someone sees you doing this stuff, half of your luck goes to them …

So everytime me and my friend, we saw them, we would hid somewhere and then kiss our fingers so that he don’t see me doing that and share the luck. 😆

We both never minded doing that … because he did it too when he saw some. 😆