The mysterical rocks

The mysterical rocks

Being a bus conductor, my father had 24 hour duty schedule. He will go on his duty at 12 noon today and will come back home the next day in the noon at 12. So a night he would be with us, the other night, he won’t be.

When I was in 3rd standard I guess, we had planted a mango tree in front of our house. It has grown huge by today. Haha, it had become our home address. If someone has to explain where do we live, he/she says, ‘woh aam ka ped hei na waha pe rehte hei’.

Anyways, the other day, when papa wasn’t home, we were sleeping. In the middle of the night, I got up to pee and I heard some rocks banging on the roof… as if someone was throwing those to us…

We had out shop attached to our house and it had those steel sheets on it as roof so those rocks were sounding aloud. I did not understand what’s happening.

I tried to sense few things. I checked if those are periodical…No those weren’t. I checked if I can notice any movement nearby…No there wasn’t.

I wasn’t afraid as such but I just woke up my mom to let her know about this. Even she was shocked as to what’s happening. Also it wasn’t a time to go out and check who is throwing those rocks on our roof.. were those thieves?

we didn’t know… somehow we managed to sleep for that night and told this scenario to papa as soon as he arrived…so we decided to wait for it till night.

Surprisingly, nothing happened that night. On the next night when papa was again not at home, it started again … there was this moderate sound of rocks being thrown on our roof.

The next night, papa decided to be on the roof to see what’s happening and luckily, that night it started again .. papa did hear that but he couldn’t spot anyone there so he picked up one of the rocks and to his surprise, those weren’t rocks. Those were seeds.

The matter was something else.

The matter was that we had custard apple planted next to the mango tree. So bats would grab piece of it, they would hang on to the mango tree, they would eat it there and throw out those seeds on the roof.

And that’s what the sound was from .. huh !!! Not an exciting story to be told but it wasn’t exciting to experience too.. we were quaking in our boots…

Anyways, just wanted to share this as one of the stories … Have a great day ahead.

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