The Time behind time machine

The Time behind time machine

One thing I was very keen to know in my childhood was to know how the second hand of clock ticks exactly at 1 second each.

So every time I got chance, I opened almost every watch, clock in our home to see it. I used to think that I’ll remember the sequence in which I opened that so that later I can join it back but I never did and ended up breaking all of the watches, clocks I opened.

Even after opening them, I was too small to understand the electronics behind. There was a time, I remember when I was strictly not allowed to touch any clock in the home.

I used to paint the dial of my wrist watch with ink pen, so after drying, it looked transparent blue, I used to open it up and change the wallpaper on my wrist watch, I mean the stickers/designs behind all the hands of the watch.

Haha, I remember when I was in 4th and I did not know how to read the time so I made my own watch whose hands were controlled by the nob at the back ( had no machine) so I used to set it to random time and used to ask my mom, what time is this? what time is this, and eventually I learnt to read it …

Awesome days …

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