When I got my first computer

When I got my first computer

We bought our first computer when I was in 11th standard. Since I used to be interested in mobile phones and always wanted to buy one for myself, we thought buying a computer would be a good decision as I knew, I would be leaning towards having my career in tech anyways…

We went to the shop and asked for the cheapest computer in the store. Cheapest computer in the store was still expensive for us, so we decided to cancel our plan. It was little difficult to grasp it that time but I did understand and agreed not to buy one…

And then I started reading more about computers. Internet wasn’t mainstream back then so I used to go to the library to see if they have any magazines. Sometimes I would buy one for me.

One day I read about assembled computers in one of the magazines. It meant that those computers won’t be coming right from First party or OEM’s , rather different parts of it would be assembled. So we would get to choose which parts, configurations we want and that would bring the cost down.

So monitor would be from LG, motherboard would be from Gigabyte, keyboard would be from Iball etc. etc.

I was super happy reading it. We went back to the shop and he did have assembled computers, we chose parts on our own and finally ordered one. The OEM machines was costing Rs.32000 and the assembled one was for Rs.23000. We bought the later one and I was happy.

Finally I had a computer… It was my first tech thing. You won’t imagine how happy I was. I already had opted for Computer science subject so all I would study in the day was Computer science.

I would take an assignment, try to code and would try to see how can I make that program better. E.g. I bought book ”fundamentals of C” and learnt it before out teacher taught us, I learnt graphics (very basic graphics) but I wrote full code that would emulate mobile phone. When my program ran, one could press keys and the graphical phone I built would act accordingly.

It wasn’t real phone after all, it was completely useless but I was happy that I would write my own code.

As a result, if you see my 11th result, I barely passed in some subjects and broke record in computer science. I remember, the record of highest score in computer science back then was 182/200, I got 192/200.

Recently I heard that that record is still not broken 🥰.

This isn’t a success story, neither I did anything significant with all those codes and all. This is just one of those stories I always wanted to share.

You know, problem is, when It comes to programming, coding, computers, mobile phones…amount of people who really want to hear/talk about it is really limited. Not all of us are interested in tech things. So just thought of sharing it here…

This story just highlights those days when there were many things I wanted badly and I always thought that I would get all things slowly as I grow … I got some.

I now realize… that ‘not getting what you wanted’ is life’s way of keeping us going…

Because they say… that ‘you feel happiness because there is sadness’. I’m not saying this is quite true for everyone…

Some people like sadness more. But that’s okay .. let’s talk about it in another story..

Have a good day 😊

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