When phones were fun

When phones were fun

This story might be no surprise but I would love to share it anyways. Papa bought sweets one day and after finishing it, I noticed how the sweet box is already open, you just hook different parts into proper slits and it stays a box.

I opened it, looked at how its cut and tried to recreate it with the cardbox I had. Of course I messed up with it, but then I took measurements of all sides and did it again and wolla! I made one.

And then I learnt to change dimensions and there were boxes n boxes everywhere…boxes of different shapes and sizes.

I remember how crazy I have been for phones. Since I learnt how to prepare those boxes, I created boxy phones, sliding ones, one with flaps…I had almost all mobile phone models replicated. I knew those were fake but I wanted to keep one in my pocket anyways .. with a hope that one day I’ll have a phone, just like this.

I remember how I used to look for mobile phone advertises in daily newspapers. I hardly read news in them, I just flipped pages looking for phone advertise, cut it properly and paste it on my dedicated notebook for collecting phone models.

I would then write it’s specifications, it price and then would try to create one with my boxes skill 🤩. I always tried to make them as much life like as I can, I made sure that the sliding mechanism I prepared is smooth enough to emulate real device, I made sure that the flaps of the phone snap into place when opened fully…

I was in 5th I guess, I had almost 30-40 different phone models made with cardboards that looked like real phones. Every day I would choose one and would have that phone in my pocket for the whole day. I used to be super happy ( it was hopes actually, not happiness) that I had those many phones and I get to choose one.

Every now and then my hand would go in my pocket, I never took it out and showed it to public, it was just for me and I kept it to me, I never liked to show it off but I had this awesome confidence or feeling that i had a phone. I knew it wasn’t real but I was looking forward to earn one.

Back then phones were fun. They weren’t like boxy slabs of today where every other phone looks almost similar. Craze of having new phone isn’t as awesome as it used to be but yeah, I always enjoyed …

Anyways, wanted to share with you this one.. hope you enjoyed 🙂

Have a good day !!

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