Why dogs cry at night

Back in the days when some of us juniors and seniors had rented a flat, me and one of my classmate, we used to sleep late at night.

Our favorite show was a program on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. They used to play old songs .. songs that did not let us sleep … 😆.

We used to play that program at very low volume and we would keep doing our stuff. He would design circuits on his laptop and I would either keep playing youtube or I would be coding something.

The other day, I think it was sunday so we all roommates were there in the room and the topic of discussion was, ‘Why do dogs cry at night’? Hahahha . koi sense hei iss baat me?

Hame bahat lggg rhi thi uss din 😆.

Some said dogs can see devils around, some said, every time dogs cry at night, someone dies in the colony, some said, it’s their way of calling devils to take someone away…etc.

Moral was, “Dogs can see devil and every time they cry, someone dies”.

Hahaha. It all went fine in the day but at night, when we both sat, we turned ON the same radio channel … the song choice that day was really bad so my friend asked me to switch it OFF and I did.

Hahaha. I got why he said so. So intentionally added to the story. I said, ‘Rohit, don’t you think something is weird ?’

We used to be on 5th floor so the ventilation there was pretty awesome, our windows were open ..

The moment I said about the weirdness, by chance dogs started barking around our building .. I’m sure they must be fighting but almost all those dogs were crying !!!

Hahahah . .. We just looked at each other, remembered the discussion in the afternoon. Within a matter of seconds, Rohit closed his laptop. He did not even bother to save his current work he just shut it off, quickly packed it and started preparing his bed.😁

He was afraid, and smiling at the same time. I laughed a lot. I really liked how quickly did he shut his laptop and prepared his bed.

To add into it, I downloaded a tone of ‘air flowing through window’, kept it in loop mode, played it very very silently and hid my phone under our bed and I continued my work…

He pulled blanket up and after some time, noticed that tone. He pulled down and looked at windows. He looked at me .. I really really controlled my laugh and looked at him ..

What happened? , I asked.

He said, ‘can you hear some sound ? just like an air flowing through the window?’ …

I said ‘No.. I can’t hear anything…can you? ‘, I said ..😆

Hahaha .. that shook him off. 😆

He looked at me and said, ‘I want to pee.. will you please come with me?’ 😆 Hahahahahahahahahhahaha .. We were 28 years old and he was afraid like anything.

I took the phone out dramatically ..and showed him.

hahaha .. I swear, he beat me like anything

Crazy days…


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