7 PM

I was sitting out in the evening… I sat there for a while and came in.

I came in, it was almost 7 O’clock and that reminded me of something. I did not know what was that reminding me of but something struck me instantly.

I tried recalling why did I feel that way and then I realized, 7 PM was the time when I used to sit for studying everyday during my high-school days.

It was understood between us ( family) that we would be sitting in the hall by 7 PM. There was no tolerance allowed to that time.

If we were not there by 7, my father would come searching for us out in the garden and would take us home. He coming to see us always was an indication that both me and my brother would be scolded for sure.

I was okay with that but my brother would play so much that even after getting fresh, he would immediately fall a sleep while studying.

Haha. I remember how he would ask me to let him know just in case papa comes and that he is not sleeping .. Hahha. He would already be telling me this in sleep.

The other day, he told me the same and I was always in support with that but somehow, papa came close and I forgot to let him know. It was too late to alert him for the same. Papa came to wake him up.

The moment he touched him, he said, “Noooo! I’m not sleeping. ” 馃槅馃槅馃槅

He did not even bothered opening his eyes, he just said so thinking its me.

Hahaha. Personally papa was absolutely okay with him sleeping after playing so much and all our rules were only good for us and we always had freedom to break them given we adhere to the priciples.

Anyways, I could not hold my laugher and that’s when he realized that somethings wrong. He immediately got up and went to get fresh again but papa stopped him and let him sleep there. 馃槅

Hahaha … I’m smiling while writing this, I remember how many times papa taught me the arithmetic with negative numbers and every time I failed to understand it.

I could hardly grasp how is -2-2 becomes -4 or how does -5+2 becomes -3 hahahaha… Even today, I have to pause and double check If I did it right. 馃槅馃槅馃槅.

Crazy days …


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