A dream of games

I have been learning to Lucid dream recently. It’s not easy but somehow I got one yesterday.

It was an acres of wild land, more of a flat plane on some graphic designers IDE. Whole area around was some sort of a game hub. The area was divided by uneven partitions, not sure why and I was there to play.

I knew that I was in a dream and nothing in there was real but the feelings of being there. There were other people who had come just like me, whole earth was empty.

It looked like the whole hell is empty and all the devils were there. I remember, there were some weird games. Just three.

One of them was that you were hidden in the super cold mud, and a boss comes in looks around and calls out names one by one … and your choice was to hide for as long as you can, not letting him see you … If he calls your name, you get bombarded with infinite amount of balloons, balloons made of rubber of something.

I got caught once and I tried catching those balloons just to see what those balloons are made of but then the boss came to me and disqualified me for some reason…

I went out, entered into next game, a game where the whole area would shatter into pieces, pieces are intact after being broken..

There was one person standing on each piece and it would vibrate like anything and you can enjoy those vibrations as much as you want, the only condition was, you can’t look, rather you were disabled to look around you. You just enjoy those vibrations as much as you want and get out !!!

I do remember paying the gatekeeper for entering into each game. The currency was some sort of SIM card like thing.

The third game, one of most liked, was that there was a fence, you were locked into it, and wherever you touch in there, would go one level deep in the ground and would suck you in with it, the more things you touch, the deeper you go … there were lights inside, all sort of blinking trees, as if those were plans of Diwali lightings.

I clearly remember touching the ground, I remember I lived there for three days and I got up early morning in the dawn so that I get to play first … I could feel the vibrations in the game, I could feel the momentum of getting sucked into the level .. Everything.

Crazy dream …