A peddler and my brother

We had our own ladies shop, so many peddlers used to sell us things in wholesale rate. I remember when I was in 3rd-4th standard, a peddler stopped by our house. He was very familiar to me and my brother.

Everytime he came, he used to frighten my brother saying that he will take one of his ear. I being elder, I wasn’t afraid of him much but my brother.. he used to get frightened.

Somehow he always felt that as long as he is with me, he is safe ( he felt so back then), so everytime that person came in, he would run to me and would hide behind me.

We laughed really hard when we went to fair, my brother asked for a toy gun and reasoned that he wanted that gun so that he would become police and will get after that peddler who annoys him every time.

Every time someone asked my brother what is he going to be, he always replied that he is going to be police and the first person he is going to kill is that peddler.