Aloe-vera and the spikes

As a child, I always liked to ride bicycle.. I have played with my father’s cycle like anything.

It was my Hayabusa .. It actually was… because I was too short and my father’s bicycle was 24 inches. So I used to feel it like riding Hayabusa 😄

I had one more habit that I never remembered to wear my sandals. I would always wander barefoot.

My mom always would remind me to wear one but I was me .. I always used to be on my horses.

And one day, I got spiked. I don’t remember how. I think I ran my cycle over the aloe-vera shrubs ( not sure if i should call it a shrub 😜) and stood over them and some of them got into my toe.

Even today I can feel how hard it was to bear with it. That spike had gone so deep in my toe that we could not even remove it with needle.

It was there in my toe for almost a month. The worst part was that the longer it reminder inside, more it affected the skin from inside and harder it was to walk.

We put little oil everyday in it so it could not damage my skin from inside and it would be easy for it to just slide over and get out.

It got out almost after a month or so. Only i could tell how dangerous was it to walk with the spike in my toe.

It was major lesson for me… since then I always had my sandals with me .. no matter where I went…. Hahaha. 😆

It’s a lesson I remember almost every time I wear my sandals.