An anxious/fearful thing

As a child, I always ignored questions …. Questions like why does moon follow me, why am I so small and others are this big, why don’t I see few things and can see some .

Just being frank, I never minded finding answers to those question, neither I ever wanted to know ‘why’ about them. I was just like ‘leave it, I’ll know answers to these once I grow enough’.

I was too lazy to find answers to those. But on the other hand, I always liked to observe things properly .. I always wanted to see things as much clearly as I can .. in fact it continues even today …

I’m not afraid of death but I’m afraid of losing my eyes. Somehow I don’t like the dark…

I still remember how I used to run away to the corner and hide there everytime when light went off.

I would not talk to anyone, not reply to anyone until light came back. I would just hide in the corner and keep waiting for light. I have lot of patience so I never got bored of hiding there for long.

Somehow, not able to see things clearly is more fearful to me than death. .. It’s one thing that scares me the most and thereby I take care of my eyes like anthing.