Being God’s special one

In our childhood, we’re always limited to how many people do we know. I mean the only friends you usually have in the childhood are your classmates. That circle doesn’t expand right away.. it expands as you grow.

In my childhood, everytime I went to school and saw other students writing with their right hand, I alway thought of having something special to me. Because I’m left handed and I think I was the only one in the class who was left handed.

I was too young to know what “being left handed” meant but I always thought that God has given me something special by making me left handed.

Everytime I noticed I’m doing this with my left hand and others do it with their right one, I used to smile and thank God for making me left handed and unique.

If that was not enough, I was too young back then so I hardly had seen any other left handed person than me so I thought it’s just me in the world who is left handed and everyone else is right handed .. Hahahhah.

The more I thought about this, the more I smiled in the school. I remember I used to keep and eye on ‘with which hand does my neighbour student write his notes’ and used to think that he is not special .. I am hahahaha ..greedy me !!!!

This continues even today you know! I always feel good to know that I’m let handed.

It makes me feel proud to see people that are left handed just like me 🙂