College dress code

I remember, during my college days, our college dress code was a pink shirt and navy blue pant.

I used to be super upset to wear that dress. First of all, I never liked Shirt + Pant combination, I’m a T-shirt guy. T-shirt is always a lot comfortable than shirts.

There used to days when we knew, dress code is compulsory today and then I had to wear it, whether I wanted or not. I used to stand in front of the mirror and used to curse our principal. Hahaha. My mom was fan of that of my aggression.

Every time I got ready, she would say that I looks like some ‘band bajane wala’ and the more she laughed and said, more aggressive I became… I really really really did not like to wear any shirt.

There hardly were few people who had convinced me that shirts look good on me.

This reminds me of my childhood days when we all went for family photo shoot and we were about to pose for a family photograph. I was hardly at 6/7 th of my age. Photographer was about to snap a photo and I had to pee so i bent little down with those intense emotion on my face and he clicked …

Hahhahaha. We kept that photo. My papa later edited it with oil paint colors and corrected my pose and emotions. 😅