Crazy fears …

I was afraid of many things during my childhood. It wasn’t like I would get scared but I used to keep thinking of those.

One of them was earthquakes. When I was in 2nd/3rd standard I guess, my mom bought me a book. And that was the time when I read about earthquakes for the first time. I just knew that earthquake cracks the ground and if that crack happens to be below your building, it will fall down.

For whole of my life till date, wherever I have been living, I always liked to carefully choose some place around me where I would like to sit and think about things.

During my childhood, it happened to be my own chair. I used to keep it touched to the window and would look outside from there thinking of what will happen if earthquake strikes our area. Hahahaha .. I used to spend hours thinking of it … time waste 😆.

The other I was afraid of was the rain at night. The with lightnings. Our whole district floods with water during rainy days, so it was very common for me to experience of being awake at night, looking out from the window, thinking of ‘What will happen if I sleep right now and lightning strikes’.

Hahaha.. I used to be awake till midnight afraid of lightnings and earthquakes … afraid inside like crazy 😆. While others prayed to god for this and that , I prayed him to stop raining 😆😆.

hahah even my worries were different. While other worried about their future, I used to worried that ‘water supply would be stopped for today’ or ‘there will be no light today’ … things like these. Hahahah.

Hahah I don’t know which category do I fit in, in my childhood…