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Let’s not talk about my childhood story today. Many a times, I get blown away by the technological advancements in the world and I always like to share those with people… and you know, I absolutely like it…

I taught many android things this way to my mom.. Hahaha.

Well today, let’s talk about one of the recent ones… and very very advanced for that matter. I’m going to explain this little deeper on other one of my websites but let me give exclusive access to the same research of mine to you first…Anyways..

So if you know, Elon musk, one of the most successful person on earth has a dream of living on Mars. He has exceptionally well proven track record of sending every efficient and budget friendly rocket on moon.

He himself has built one of the cheapest, most efficient rockets ever made. And now, he is working on building one of the biggest rocket ever made in history. A rocket that will take us on Mars.

His designs and rockets have been in design and they already are progressing at high speeds. I have been closely following every of their launches, new advancements and their next plans recently and I would like to talk to you about it.

So the rocket their are building is named as Starship. It’s very different than any other rocket ever made ..in the sense that all other rockets go to the moon, leave astronauts to the ISS and on their way back, they get dropped into the ocean and are not useful for next mission.

Elon Musks rockets on the other hand they are highly reusable. You just design one and reuse it for at least 4-5 next missions. His rocket go up, dock to ISS and on their way to earth, they get shut down .. they free fall for almost half the way and when they come very close to the landing pad, it does a belly flop, turns vertical and lands vertically as it takes off..

What a piece of engineering. Woow !! It’s almost unbelievable seeing it landing vertically.



It feels like magic..

Wooow !!!! I’m still looking at the image above. If you’re interested, you might want to take a look at this landing of his rockets.

mind that this is not his latest rocket …

His latest Starship is the biggest rocket ever made in history. Take a look at their latest test flight of the same.

Here’s one of the tributes to him. . WOoooww..I can just keep sharing videos over videos.

My eyes are watery … he is genius. πŸ™‚ .. I mean look at that joy .. look at how excited everyone is .. Wooowww … I want to be there with them .. celebrating this. WOoowwww!!! How brilliant is this !!!!

It’s like whatever he publicly announce in the world, he goes ahead and really make it happen. When he built first Electric Vehicle, he made it so efficient that none of the other competitors are not even close..

He build on the the biggest solar panel industry in the world, his manufacturing plant is one of the biggest in the world, his autopilot system for auto driving of his cars is the best ever autopilot system ever built and now he jumps into Space travel….

It’s like whatever he touches, turns into gold.