Fight fight fight …

Me & My brother, we have around 2-3 years of age difference between us. So When I was of age 5 or 6, he was around 1 years old.

My brother, when he was child, he started talking very late. By then all he would speak was with actions.

My mom, somehow taught him that every time she would say ‘goll goll’ ( meaning circular), she mean to ask if he wants laddu. He liked laddu’s a lot.

Hahaha. I, being child never understood why my brother does these actions instead of speaking 🙈. One day, there was this old song playing in out cassette player, “Gori ki gol gol akhiya sharabi“, hahaha, I heard it..’gol gol’ and I ran to mom saying ‘mommy gol gol’!! 😆

That’s when I got to know that doing this action of “Gol gol” gives me laddu. 🙈.

So I went ahead and developed some more actions of my own. Like ‘but but’ means “this is not true” (‘but but’ was chosen because word ‘khot khot’ in marathi means ‘this is not true’), so every time I had to tell mom that my brother is lying, I would use that 🙈 Hahahaha.

We had one more such word. I think it was something like ‘jaych’ which means “should we go?”. Hahahha.

As I said in previous stories, we just had one cycle and carrying us both on it with papa was difficult for him. So either of could go with him in the city or wherever he wanted to go.

So every time I asked ‘Jaych’ ( meaning will you let me come with you?) and every time my father nodded yes, I would go ahead and standby the corner on his way. My father would start as if he is going alone ( as if none of us will be going with him) and then he would pickup me up on the way 🙈, so that my brother doesn’t understand what did I asked him and he won’t cry.


funnier than that, later when I grew, I realized that my brother and my papa also had their codeword like this which let him go with him 😆.


Crazy days… there wasn’t anything wrong as such to have those things, those actions, codewords between us because those really did not mattered, my parents gave equal chances to both of us, rather being a child, it was our own way to follow each other and feel privileged.

I remember, every alternate day, when my papa came home, by the time mom cook lunch for him, my and my brother, we used to have real fight with father. It wasn’t a fight as such but it was a bet to make my father fall down.

He would come home and would be resting, sleeping on sofa for a while, reading newspaper. And then we all three would play with each other. I would be holding papa’s legs and my brother would get up on his chest and would try to push him down with real force.

My father too would really try to push us down and we would resist, holding him stronger.. I would tickle him on his legs so he breaks down .. Hahahahahah ..

Crazy fun !!!