Fight with my brother

I remember in my childhood days, me and my brother , we used to fight a lot. I mean it was never serious but after some time it used to serious.

It’s like I would let him play my video game for the whole day and I would get to play it so when I would ask him to stop playing and give it to me, he would slam it in my hand and would go angry .. .. He used to be like I did not let him play ..after all I’m made to handle everyone .. so after some days, I stopped taking it for me !!!

We used to fight so much that everytime my parents went out, they would order us not to fight…especially my mom.

And still we used to fight. It usually used to be to start the fight but it used to be him to stretch it more than it should and then we both would get caught fighting and would get beaten up .. Hahahhaha.

We used to fight for anything. For example, even though I had my ice cream in my hand, I would still look at his ice cream as if I did not get any… I would keep looking at how he eats it .. Hahahaha.. He used to be so irritated then that he would change his place or eat it in the other room. 😆

On the other hand my brother would take revenge by knowingly spotting my mistakes to mom. He would be like a spy of my mom .. He would update my mom everything … whether I’m studying or not, how much chapati did I eat, how many pens I had and what not … Hahahahhaa ..

Crazy days …