Fishes in the tank

Fishes in the tank

I was in 6th standard I guess. I wanted to pet some fish. I asked my father to bring me some. I did not know that they have to be taken from the river and not from the market.

Luckily it was a rain season and the rain was flooding. I used to make paper boats to play in the water … and suddenly I saw some fish in there. I did not tell anybody.

I quickly ran to home, brought a bottle and took some fish with me. I put them in our storage water tank.

I did not know what do fish eat and everytime I did not know who eats what, the obvious answer for me was to give them a flour. So yes, I used to feed them some wheat flour.

I was super happy.. everyday I came home from school, fishes were the first thing I used to visit .. by that time, my papa, mummy new about this so I used to spend much time there to those fishes..

I used to like how they bite your skin when you put your finger in the water. It almost tickles ..

and then one day, something else happened …

All those fishes were not really fishes … those were babies of frogs. Frog babies grow up as fish and then later turn into frongs.

I could not believe it.. rather I thought that someone put those frogs in there and they ate all the fishes …

For many days, I could not believe that those were not fishes…

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