Friends in need

Friends in need

Sometimes I peak into my college days and I feel how crazy we were. It was like we had no limit to what all we can do. Of course we understood our limits, we did not do anything that we should not have done but at the same we really lived our days.

I remember we had our final practical exam at our college. One of my friends had to describe an electronics circuit that would detect an obstacle in front of a sensor and turn ON the light for time being.

I believe, it was for a street light management where street lights will turn only when there’s cars around and will go off as soon as road goes empty.

He was a hard working guy but somehow, at the very last moment, no one knew how, his system stopped working.

For practical exams, demonstrating your system was an important factor. So being friends, we though we could help, so we went in but nothing helped. We knew too less to be able to sort things about. I think something was wrong with the obstacle detection sensor.

But we were intelligent 😆 and we wanted to somehow make that system work. So we had an idea.

We tapped into the obstacle detection circuit and bypassed the sensor with just a button. We ran the wire beneath the table, very distant to the other side of the lab where other students whose exam has been done would be sitting.. and we clipped the button there.

As we had bypassed the sensor, it was there just for the show, the actual light got simply controlled by button. Hahaha..

That guy explained the whole project and every time he would put an obstacle in front of the sensor to demonstrate that the obstacle indeed gets identified and the light get triggered, one of the students on the other hand would turn on the button and that would turn on the light ..

Hahaha. as I said, the sensor was there just for the show, the actual light was completely controlled by that button (switch). Our friends would turn it ON and OFF at very right time to have that illusion that the light was getting turned on because of the obstacle in front of the sensor…

Hahaha .. He demonstration not only went well, it went very very well. Hahahhahah…

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