Geany in the house

I remember when I used to be in high school, even though I was young enough, I used to be afraid of ghosts. Of course, we’re talking about my 5th standard but now I don’t I should have been afraid of ghosts back then .. anyways ..

So I used to be afraid of ghosts. I would not get up at night to pee, or somehow If get awaken, I would not look at windows or the door because then thoughts would start coming in ..

We all hardly slept in the same room, so I used to be mostly with my brother only, and he is younger than me, so his presence hardly ever made me feel safe.

Basically I used to feel alone in such situations. So what I used to do is to close my eyes tight and think of being at some imagined place .. a place where things would be the way I wanted .. no ghosts especially ..hahahaha.

At times, thoughts are thoughts, so I would mistakenly imagined ghosts in there too and then I would suddenly get afraid and jerk off of my bed.

So what I would do, to counter those thoughts is to imagine having a Geany with me in that virtual place. That was the first thing I would start imagining my with .. so that if I imagine ghosts in there, I would imagine the Geany come out and destroy them in front of me…

I used to enjoy sitting down in the middle of the road and watch their fight.

Since then, there were no ghosts in that place. Even if I imagined one, I knew Geany would take care of it. Not only that, having ghosts around in that imagined place was okay for me later. I would hardly get distracted by that .. I would continue imaging things and with that, I would go to sleep…


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