High school prayers

I don’t know why don’t I sleep much but when I was in the high school, I used to sleep a lot.

I remember how scheduled my days were. Like those weren’t scheduled one really, it was just my day used to be. I used to get up early, I would go to school, I would come back by 1/2 PM.

I would eat and relax a while and then me and my mom, we would sit and study together. She used to help me complete my homework with a condition that I would study the other subjects along with her.

In the school, just before our lectures, we all the students in the school used to gather on the ground, we would sing national anthem, we would then have prayers and then for 15-20 minutes, we used to exercise. It was the daily program.

I remember how sleepy I was, I always used to sleep while praying. I would get up abruptly and used to look everywhere just to confirm that no one saw me sleeping. Hahahahaha .. I was in 8th standard I guess and we used to be upright for this prayer thing ..and I still used to sleep almost every day .. Hahahha.

My aunty had gifted me a wrist watch. One of my friends used to have it for a lecture and what he would do is that the moment teacher looked at the board for teaching something, he would hold the upper and lower buttons of the watch and my that watch used to start ringing until those buttons were pressed.

Our teacher never knew that something like this even exists so my friend never got caught… lemme confess that I never did so .. it’s just my friends.

We all friends in the high school were so much united that if someone does something and teacher asks who it, none of us would tell who did it .. even if we had to go to the principal. ..Hahaha.

I remember we left handed students had our separate row at the back of the class. Although we were back benchers, we were equally good at studying.

The other day, we had our final English viva, so a teacher would call on stage one by one and he would ask us some questions and we were expected to answer at least some of them correctly.

One of us went on the stage and the question sir asked him, “What is the difference between desk and the bench?”.

Hahaha, he did not at all know any english ( I don’t mean I knew it better.. i just mean that we were too young to know how to talk English), So he had no idea what sir asked .. he did not understand a bit of it but then the problem was, the question had to be answered .. .so what should he answer?

He looked at sir very confidently and said, “Okay ! sir. No problem”…Sir smiled and asked again .. and he had no answer right ? he said again , “Okay! sure sir .. no problem”.. he said it confidently as if he understood the question ..!!!

Hahahahaha .. neither the question had any meaning nor the answer and he? He was super confident on his answer 😊.