Hostel diaries 2

Hostel diaries 2

Hostel life is great, especially at night. Almost 60% of our hostel used to be awake at night. Many things used to happen at night. Hahaha.I mean good, funny ones.

it was known in the whole hostel that every saturday evening, some roommates, neighbours would volunteer, all the lights in the room would be closed, movies would

be played on laptop placed on stool an whoever wanted to watch the movie would be welcomed. People would randomly join and leave. It didn’t matter if we know them or not,

everyone was allowed. At times number of students watching movie used to be around 100+. It was out mini theatre.

Letting someone know that its your birthday was no less than being harrassed. I remember whenever someone had birthday, sharp at 12 AM, people would cover him with blanket,

turn all the lights OFF and would beat him like anything and then he would be picked up and would be taken to the bathroom and would be bathe with cool water and then would be

brought back to the room and then his birthday would be celebrated. This whole was so bad that anyone who by mistakenly knew that it’s XYZ’s birthday, he would join the team to celebrate.

it never mattered if they knew each other or not.

As awesome as this all was, there were many things which we all shared. Things like lack of water, lak of mmoney, lack of shanti hahaha. I remember how we used to wander in search of water

in the middle of night. We would go hostel to hostel in search of water to drink. There were times when there would be no water in any hostel and we would have to sleep thinking that I’ll drink water in the morning.

I remember, our mess would cstart at 8 and would close for breakfast by 10. Breakfast they would prepared used to be very limited, so students would be in line from 7.30 AM so that they would get to breakfast.

For night owls like me, it was very difficult to get up early in the morning. So I used to miss my breakfast as the line used to be long enough that ‘not having breakfast’ was better than wating in the line and passsing time.

I never liked to waste time, so I prefer skipping breakfast. There were other messes too but those were private ones so weren’t affordable to us so what I would do is I would be in line and would be reading things on my phone, so that I would atleast

not waste time. I used to be relaxed during the day and at night, after dinner, I would take my laptop and would sit under the tree. It was my favorite spot.

Anyways, sometimes I think of these days and I don’t understand how to react. Those were awesome at times and were little wobbly at times. I cherish them.

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