Hostel diaries 3

Everyone should experience living in hostel at least once in a life. It teaches you things that you should not do …There live animals..that can talk ๐Ÿ˜†

There are lot many things at hostel to talk about but simplest things like bathing in the morning used to be a headache.

We had around 6-7 hostels with minimum 200 students in each building and each building had around 10 bathrooms. So 10 students can bath at a time.

So bathing in the morning used to be a race. There used to be huge line. That line used to start right from ‘getting hot water’ to ‘hey, get out quick, I have a class’.

I hardly ever waited for warm water because it used to take hours to get to your number and even then it was never sure that there would be enough water.

So I used to rush for bathrooms. When I was new there, I observed and found out the time when there’s relatively less rush. It won’t be surprising that that time was 4-5 AM in the morning.

We used to take out buckets and used to run hostel after hostel to see if there’s any bathroom empty. It was all about finding the empty one and get it as quick as possible.

There were lot many issues like this but good thing was that we all always used to be ready to face it and we would always have solution.

I remember how we mitigated this ‘bathroom not available’ issue. Of course it wasn’t fare but that were very few solutions we could think of at that time.

The first was to get up early at the time when there’s no rush. But it wasn’t possible because we used to sleep late, we usually used to study at night so we needed time to sleep too and even important than that was that we were not the only to think of this .. so every other day someone did not get bathroom early, he used to think that he will get up early the next morning .. so this solution was out of question.

The other potential solution and rather the most funny and interesting one was that everytime someone from our room would go to bath, he would keep his phone with him and he would miss call one of us 5 minutes before he finishes.

And then one of us would go without bucket, he would just stand in front of the bathroom and would shout like ‘Ajay ho gya kya, kabka number lgake baith hu yaar ..jaldi kar na !! I’m brining my bucket .. jaldi kar .’. He would say this and go and come back with bucket, towel and everything.

The others would not say anything because then they would think that he actually had number reserved after the one inside.

Hahaha, I know this was cheating so I never did this. I remember I used to get up at 4 AM and would bath before everyone so that I won’t have to do any of this but in worst case when I had to do, what we would do is we would bath two students ( only with classmates in hostel) at a time… Hahahahaha looks silly but we were friends, so it was okay for us. We knew our problems..

Hahahah…. we were crazy and so were our solutions !!! ๐Ÿ˜†