Hostel Diaries 5

Hostel Diaries 5

Our hostel ( we used to call it White House) was an ultimate resting place for all of our classmates. Anyone of us, who wanted to take a nap for a while used to bunk all the classes and head to hostel and sleep peacefully .. hahha..

On the other hand, hostel was also that one place which had no rules .. and ‘No rules’ was by understanding. No one really cared about anything. That place never needed rules. Everyone one was happy and allowed to do whatever he wanted.

We’ve seen hostellers dropping diwali bombs at 2 AM in the morning and running like ‘bomb….bomb….bomb….’ and we have seen hostellers going hostel to hostel to find drinking water.

One of the most entertaining places used to be the notice board. Students were crazy, they never kept it clean … They would mess up with every other notice put there.

I used to intentionally read it occasionally for fun. It used to be funny of completely irrelevant notices and equally funny writings/comments on those notices.

I remember, there was one notice that read, ‘I need a bicycle for going to department. Please reach out to me just in case anyone is selling one’.

The other one wrote: ‘Bhai, kitne din cycle use karega.. chal aaja bike lelete hei. ‘ with his random sign below it….Hahahaha ..does this make any sense? Hahahah

Someone wrote, ‘We don’t sell bicycles bro.. we sell aeroplanes.. you want one? reach out to me .. ‘ more random sign below it .. Hahahha ..

That one notice became trend… every other person would come and write his fun comment over it…

‘Bhai, meri khudki cycle gayab hei kuch dinose, lemme know just in case someone shows you the same..’ hahaha .. sign below it ..

The other one read, ” See bro, someone will sell you a will start using it, the other day, someone else will come and say that it’s his bicycle …and then you know!! you have no choice .. so kaheko padna hei iss lafde me .. “

Hahaha ….😆

I laughed a lot when one random guy wrote, ’75 paise ki chuna dabbi, 50 paise ki matchbox, 2 Rs ki candle .. and baki paise wapis …. kab dega ?’ Hahahahahah…

even simple things like walking from the corridor had fun .. you know !!

One of friend used to run after stray dogs in hostel for no reason .. He would start running after them shouting ‘hyyaaaaaaaaaa…..bhaaaaaaggg…..bhaaaggg dhanoooooo’ hahahahahhaa.

Even dogs knew him and they would get out of his way as soon as he came and left hostel …Hahahah.

The other friend of mine, he used fight with me in the hostel corridor for no reason .. He would start shouting at me like anything .. and I knew it’s fake so I would also start fighting… and we would do it so from the heart hahaha that others would come to resolve the fight .. and we would be like ‘chodd re tu … bahat ho gya iska ..aaj isko dikhana hi padega ‘…

Hahahaha..once we realized the audience was growing, we used to stop it abruptly and would walk away with our hands on shoulders .. and everyone would be like Ha? They never understood what really happened ?

and to add into that, other roomates of ours, who knew it was fake they would say, ‘Kuch nai re .. shooting chal rha tha ek movie ka …ho gya ..chalo !!’ hahahahahha…

crazy days …

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