Hostel Diaries

When I was in hostel, during my masters, I remember how much fun we used to have in the room. Anything could make us laugh.

I remember, we didn’t have much cellular bandwidth in out hostel. We had a window and there we had a good range.

Obviously we couldn’t be there at window all the time, neither we had anything to put our phones nearby. So our jugaad was that we bought a big phone case in which almost everyone’s phone could fit, and we tied it ( literally tied it) to our window…. we had 3 of such cases so at a time, 3 phones could be hanging there.

I remember how some of us would be awake at night and would knock on someone else’s door at 2 in the morning and run away… and I do remember how crazy my friends were that they would lock the door once one of us went to knock on someone else’s door so he would get caught knocking …Hahaha

Whole floor above ours was assigned to students from music department, so those students would keep singing all the time, some would be playing their instruments and we? We would mimic them in our super flat voice. Some of us would grab a chair and start sounding it while singing .. some of us would pass comments like ‘aaaaaa chupppp beeee…. ‘, ‘abey chuttteeeeee nai hei merepassss aage jake gana gaaa’, ‘arey yaaaar ye firse rone lagaaaa’ hahahahahha

hahah I remember, one of my friends would intentionally start fighting with me in hostel corridor so that others would think we are really quarreling. He would start fighting with me for no reason and I would too .. and once we thought that there’s enough audience, we would hug, smile and walk away 😁

I remember, one of our friends had this habit of sleeping with mouth open. One my friends started facebook live, went close to him and poured water in his mouth. Ooopss..

There’s lot of stories from hostel … I would spare some for tomorrow 😊