I dreamed about a big water tank

I remember when I was a child, One question that always hit me was ‘do we have enough water?’.

Hahah, this question was genuine because our area back in the days used to have a lot of water shortage.

I’m not sure about why was it so worrisome to me but I think it was so because I would then start thinking about not getting to bath and then thoughts of how would we eat if our dishes are not washed and which dresses would we wear if our dresses were not washed ..blah blah blah ..

Hahahha .. I used to think a lot and that would make me anxious.

Back then in summer we used to get water by tanker supplies. We all were allowed to around 200 liters of water per two days and that too sometimes used to over.

So do we have enough water was my question for almost every day. 😁

So then when we had no water, I use to take up my bicycle and would go around to find some water. We had big water tank near our area so I knew, it had a small tap at the basement. I used to go there and use to bring drums of water with my bicycle.

It was too much of efforts as that big water tank was way far and brining drum of water back to home was too heavy of a work .. hahahah especially considering my size back then.

I wasn’t alone ever though, my mom used to be with me to hold the drum and sometimes my brother used to follow.

Incidence’s like these have really shaped me to what I am today but at the same time, these thoughts of having enough water have been engraved in my mind. Even today I, sometimes worry about water shortage.

At times, in my childhood , If there was one thing I waned to build was a big water tank, just for our house and I used to think that I would have that tank full of water so that we would never have water shortage.

I don’t want to know if I achieved that of my dream but I’m certain that we’ve managed to maintain enough water for us. 😁 and that makes me happy 😁