My Lock picks

Since childhood, apart from Mobile phones and watches and an eager of opening everything up to see how it works, I was also very fond of locks.

Till I did not know how locks work, I always thought of making a key that would fit every other lock. So that I would be able to open any lock.

I must have told you a story as to how one of my friend once told me that the key of the boxes on the street lights have master keys that can open almost any other lock, so I climbed on one of the poles to get the key only to figure out that it isn’t really a master key though it fit most of the locks.

In the efforts of trying to find a master key, I bought myself a set of tools that would teach me how to unlock almost any other lock. That toolset is called ‘lock picks’. I got it somehow but I’m not sure if having one is legal in India as some countries ban it.

For me, as much as it was to learn to open the lock, what’s more interesting for me was to learn to keep fine control over your movements and listening to the ticks of the key strokes when you insert the picks in the lock.

Because in order to open the lock with picks, listening to which pick got picked in the lock was very crucial. So I learnt it. Now it’s not that I can go and open any lock but if I get enough time, I can open the locks.

Anyways, along the same line, I remember how I used to make a brick out of clay and make a stencil of a key with it and I would melt plastic and pour it on stencil to make a plastic key .. I almost had a plastic key for every other lock at home. hahahah.

Those plastic keys would break after 5-6 usages and every time it broke, I would go ahead , make a stencil and make one for me.

Hahahah .. now fast forward 20 years ahead, I think of how crazy I used to be with the things I wanted .. .hahaha ..

Crazy days…