‘Me time’ for me

When I was in 11th and 12th, I remember how concentrated I was with my studies. I was very sure of what I wanted to do and what I wanted to become.

I had bet myself not to get into anything that would distract me, because I knew how important my 12th was to me.

I had been selected for Computer engineering already in one of the colleges I had applied but couldn’t go for some reason, so I did not want to miss the second chance I got.

I remember how I always used to keep myself motivated and how I always made sure that I always do what I liked to make sure that my mindset is always happy with me.

Everytime I thought I want to go by walk, I immediately got down and started walking. I saved some money to read my favorite magazine that time called ‘my mobile’.

You know, being alone for some time in a day, was my favorite thing. After whole busy day, my class would end at 8/9 PM and I would come home by walk.

One my way back to home, I always liked to feel the breeze hitting me, the light traffic, the sound of the tyres of truck rubbing hard against the road, the chaiwala closing his shop, an aunt crossing the road, the only highway light, buses going by …Woooow !!

I used to take out my favorite chocolate ‘Melody’ from my pocket and used to enjoy it all along the way…neither my parents asked why was I little late, neither I minded that I’m getting late.

You know, I always believed and I believe that with all the busy days of ours, we should spare at least few minutes in a day where you would be completely disconnected from the world, your problems, your gadgets and everything for that matter…and just turn all your knobs OFF and shut yourself down to the world and just be yourself.

You won’t believe how well does it change you as a person. Even today, where I’m already alone for most of the part but I do enjoy sitting out at night…when everyone sleeps. I just enjoy sitting there for a while.

At different phases, I had different of such times and places to enjoy being myself. During my childhood days, when I just had learnt to walk, I used to sit in the corner and I would just keep looking at everyone without any smile or any expression.

During my highschool days, I preferred coming home by walk after my classes, when I went for my masters and started living in hostel, I would sit under my favorite tree..

And then I got a job, I started living in a rented apartment and then out terrace was a place to spend some time after the day, I did enjoy sitting by the window and looking out on the highway … When I was home, walking out after everyone slept was my favorite thing to do.

And then at my new home, our gallery/balcony is my new favorite thing to spend little time in.

You know, every other story I tell you, none of it is to show or to mean how great or awesome I was… It is just meant to share my stories with you…simple as that.

I hope you enjoy reading those as much as I do writing …