Mirror and me

When I was a kid, mirror was something that always confused me. I never got convinced that it shows things as they are, I mean you can see it in mirror but I always thought that it’s a gimmick.

So I would stand still in front of mirror for hours, trying to see if I can catch it doing something wrong…

Like I would try to capture small movements like closing of my eyes, or looking at right and left eyes, I mean things that required very little movement…even today, I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. I don’t enjoy it as to how do I look but I like to look at myself for no reason.

Anyways so I would always try to catch my mirror. I always wondered why things in the mirror gets switched between ‘left‘ and the ‘right‘ but not ‘up‘ and ‘down‘. I always thought it’s something with my eyes so I turned upside down and tried looking into mirror, just in case that shifts ‘up’ and ‘down’ too 😆. For many days, I believed that it happens so because of the gravity ..hahaha 😆

The other thing which I never understood, rather believed back then was why can’t I see my eyes moving in the mirror !!

I remember when I was a kid, I would stand still in front of mirror and would just keep looking …for minutes and hours…trying to catch my mirror doing some gimmick.