My big brother

My younger brother is very moody. You can’t ever predict his mood for next minute.

And this is not only today. This has been so since childhood. Being a big brother, every time we both were close and he cried, people would think that I must have done something to him. So at times, I used to be the one to be scolded for no reason.

I remember when we used to play, I would let him play with my toys for hours and then next moment when I would ask him to give it to me, I would turn into his enemy. He would behave as if I did not let him play for years and it’s as is till date.

My take on this used to be not to either get my toys from him ( even though those were mine) and play with something else. I would not even ask my parents about it because I also did not want him not to play with my toys because after all he was ( I mean ‘is’) my brother.

So I learnt to keep his mood. Every time he did something little better, I would pat on his back .. or I would keep looking at him with surprise .. so that he would feel like a superman .. Hahaha.

Till today, he is same is he was … I can understand many but I couldn’t understand him. At least not with respect to his mood.

Like e.g. He got up today. I don’t mess up with him much. He got ready, got his breakfast done .. he smiled with me.

and then he started practicing his animation stuff and something there was not working. I did not know that so I just referred that smile of his and teased him a bit … within seconds, that whole problem of not being able to do something with animation was because of me ..

He was like, ‘it was working a minute before..why did you tease me? It’s not working anymore .’…

I was like ‘really? Okayyyy!!’.

Okay he did not smile.. I did and went away 🙂




He is like that close source software .. “You can’t see my code!!!”. Hahahahha…

Sometimes, I don’t understand if he is my younger brother or I am his younger brother…Hahaha