My blue watch

I was cleaning up one of our cupboards with my father. I found one of my childhood watches.

It was the one that my mom had gifted me as my first ever watch. I did not even know I’m going to get it .. when I got. I really liked it but the only thing that I thought, could have been better was that I wanted it’s color to be blue, as it was my favorite color ( not blue really .. I meant navy blue.. that’s my favorite color).

I wanted it blue so I painted it blue. I had an ink pen so I used to paint it just for the sake of making it blue. I did not really wanted it to be permanent blue because it was gifted, so I wanted to keep it as it is, but at the same time I also wanted it blue because I liked blue.

So I had this middle option of painting it with my ink pen. It used to last for a day and it would get wiped automatically .. so one day, my watch used to be blue and the other day, it used to be silver.

I bought many watches since then but I hardly could keep my watches. I would always bump it up on some corner or get it scratched by mistake .. so after a while, I stopped having one.

I remember how much I used to keep playing with my digital watches. I always wanted to know all the settings available in it.

Hahaha .. btw, I just checked my phone and I saw my phone usage and it looked like this ..

confusing right ? I don’t know why PhonePe occupied this big curve on chart. Hahaha ..Interesting.🤔